Thursday, May 11, 2006

Support For Belinda!!!!

WOW! I've only had the site up for 24 hours and I've already got almost 2,000 hits! Thanks so much to everyone who has linked. The response has been overwhelming. At last count I had almost 100 emails.

A few people have complained about my moderating comments, but I'm sorry, I'm not obligated to make this site a forum for Belinda-bashing jerks. It's really sad that some people have nothing better to do that tear others down. But then, that's conservatives for you!

I've been sifting through my inbox, but a few of the comments are included below:

"I think this is a great idea. I voted for Belinda for my MP, and I think she would make an outstanding leader, and someday Prime Minister. She is a genuine person who really cares about her community! - Rob Watson, Newmarket

"Belinda is the anti-politician, which is what the Liberal Party needs right now. She has my vote if she runs." -Eric Davis, Kamloops, BC

"It's time for a female leader who has the star power to rebuild the party. Belinda can do it!!!!" Stephanie Carrier, Belleville, ON

"My name is Angie and I'm from Vancouver. As a young woman deeply interested in the future of Canada, I find an articulate, intelligent woman like Belinda Stronach to be an inspiration. I think she could represent Canada well domestically and abroad with her strong vision for this country. Throughout her career, she has shown an interest in serving what is best for Canadians rather than her own interests. For these reasons, I encourage Belinda to run for leader of the Liberal Party to become the next Prime Minister of Canada." - Angie, Vancouver

"Dear Belinda, Please re-consider your decision. You have the brains, the ability, the background, and the charisma to become prime minister. All you need is to show the country a clear vision. I believe you displayed one part of that vision when you made a principled move across party lines. Your business background suggests you will be a responsible fiscal manager. I have no doubt you can fill in the gaps with statements of conviction on equality, compassion, generosity, and Canada's responsibilities on the changing international scene."Regards,
Rodney Wade

" Hello.....My name is Marlow....Liberal supporter living in Alberta (I know there aren't many of us out here....) And I would just like to say that, while I hesitate to support a floor-crosser for Leader, but I think Belinda has what it takes to rebuild a shattered party. Keep up the good work, and please let Ms. Stronach know that there are Liberals out here in Alberta that would support her in her bid to be the Next Prime Minister of Canada." - Marlow Weldon

"The liberals need her and so does the country." -George Johnstone

Keep sending in the great comments, everyone! Belinda, if this has reached your eyes, PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!

Belinda Stronach for Liberal Leader!!!

On April 6, Belinda Stronach dashed the hopes of many Liberals across Canada when she declined to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. The purpose of this site is to try to show her that MANY Liberals, and just as important, many Canadians, support her candidacy for leader so that Canadians have a choice in the next election between an ideology-driven party and a party of conscience who will build Canada up rather than tear it down!

Belinda, your party and your country needs you. You have already shown your commitment to your principles once, by joining the Liberal Party. You have shown you can handle criticism, and weather a storm. Please, Belinda, take the leap!

We need Belinda to lead the Liberal Party and defeat Stephen Harper!

So help us send a message to Belinda that she should reconsider her decision! You can email her or sent a note to her office. Also, please send me your endorsements so we can show her the depth of her support! I will post the comments I recieve on this site.